Monday, April 20, 2009

Respect those Lima Beans!

So, according to this site on American Food Holidays, today is "Lima Bean Respect Day". Not exactly sure how often Lima Beans get disrespected, but evidently it is a lot, considering they now have a National Holiday in which they have demanded respect.

Personally, I don't really care for Lima Beans.

*Wait* Maybe I shouldn't say that ON "Lima Bean Respect Day". Is that horrible of me? I should be paying homage to Lima Beans? Today? Only today? Oh, OK, I guess that I can be nice to Lima Beans for one day.

Here, this picture is kinda pretty:

Don't you think? Well, green IS my favorite color....and these ARE a very nice shade of green. Ok, so maybe Lima Beans aren't *that* bad.

So, let's do something super fun, shall we?

Look what I found on Etsy:



Are they not beautiful!? The color is fantastic!

Who would like to win these fabulous pieces of jewelry....handcrafted by Sassaffras....would YOU like to win them?

Well, you can! Here's how:

Post a COMMENT and tell me why YOU "respect" Lima Beans. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, can even be something great like, "Because they're green and that is my favorite color." (Then I'll say, "Me too!")

The winner will be chosen at random (by Comments will be accepted through 3 PM Eastern on Tuesday, April 21.

***Please be sure to leave your name and e-mail in the post if you're leaving an ANON comment. Thanks!***

Winner will be announced Tuesday evening!



  1. I agree with you the only thing that I like about Lima beans even on National Lima Bean Day is the color.

  2. Hmm...well one thing I like about Lima beans (besides the nice green color) is you can get a BIG glass of milk & swallow the Lima beans whole so you don't have to taste them! That's a plus right? lol

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  3. Erica, I have to agree....I don't care for the taste of lima beans but they are a beautiful shade of green, healthy (maybe that's why I don't like them! LOL), and good in casseroles....since their flavor is not dominant there. ;) Another advantage is....they're great for using in art and craft creations! My daughter made a picture at school using them and other types of beans and it was awesome! See? I knew there was something great about Lima Beans!! LOL

    And by the way, love the have two gorgeous little girls!!

    Clara ~

  4. While I, too, do not have much love for the lima bean, I guess the best thing I can say about them is that, appearance-wise, they do closely resemble the pods of a soy bean, which I do love. So we'll give them props for that!

  5. Erica, i actually like lima beans in my vegetable soup. As long as they are in that I will eat them. Plus I do love that color green.

    Tina Sciulli

  6. I'll be the first to say it... I LOVE limas! Guess I'm the black sheep of this blog!

    It actually grosses my husband out! When I was pregnant with our daughter, I would wake up starving at 3 in the morning. I'd make one of those Green Giant boxes of lima beans and eat almost the entire thing before brushing my teeth and going back to bed! Hmmm... maybe I'll have some limas for lunch since I'm supposed to be respecting them today and all...

  7. Lima Beans are yummy but I don't think the jewelry won't taste as good but it will look as good on me!

  8. Well I dont have much taste for lima beans but I love the color green!!!!!

    I love your site

    Sharon Groff

  9. I respect lima beans because they taste great in chili!! Chrissy Kavitz


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