Friday, May 8, 2009

My "Feature" Presentation

Oh let me count the ways that today is a good day!

My daughters and I spent the day at the Zoo, we had such fun. We have a new Giraffe Ridge, where you can hand feed the giraffes (amazing). Snakes were out of the reptile house (with zookeepers, obviously), so my 4-year-old got to pet 3 different kinds of snakes. [No, Mom didn't join in on that one......yick!] It was a glorious day - sun out, but not too bright - breeze blowing, but not too much....just perfect.

Then we got FABULOUS news that Syndel (my 4-year-old) was accepted as an Ohio State Finalist in the National American Miss Pageant!!! How exciting that is!?! I just cannot express the joy she has right now. Her over-all goal for the entire pageant is to meet Mickey Mouse (please keep in mind that she is only 4 - LOL). Our over-all goal for her is to win a college scholarship (I know, boring for a 4-year-old).

Here is the picture that we submitted when she met with them last week:


*They have termed her age category as "Princess", ages 4-6.*

Ok, so I'm already having a good day, right? Well, today is Friday, which means that my featured "appearance" for the *Ultimate* cuppie is TODAY! Interested to see what the article says? Go here and see for yourself, my friends.

In fact, I'm so very excited today, that I feel like a giveaway! How about you? Yes! I thought so!

How about The Only Bake Sale Cookbook You'll Ever Need? Sound good? Great!


This book is jam-packed with great recipes for just about anything "bake sale" related you could possibly think of! Fabulous!

Here is how YOU can enter to win this great book:

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Each participant can get up to 6 entries.

Giveaway will close on Thursday, May 14th at 8 PM (Eastern).

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  1. What a great article. Congrats! I found your buttermilk tip to be useful, sometimes i find my cupcakes are a bit dry so i will be trying the buttermilk next time round!
    Also, I found it useful to know how to fill a cupcake...easier than i thought :)

  2. another one...i already follow you :)

  3. I always fill my cuppies half way but I guess thats why they never look domed on the top, I am making cuppies tonight so quess what I will be trying! Cletus!

  4. I like the tip about keeping everything room temperature - I never take the time to do this and you finally convinced me :)

  5. I didn't even think ever about cutting the baggie to use like a professional pastry bag! What a great idea!! Thanks! Well worth the read and also willl do the buttermilk trick.

  6. GREAT cuppie article, Erica - will be trying out your tips tonight on some goodies!
    And, rest assured I'm following you religiously now for the next great tip!

  7. I didn't know using buttermilk made cupcakes more moist. Also didn't know how evenly filling the the cups made a difference. Great article.

  8. I found the article useful because I never knew there was such thing as over sifting your batter. Wow. I didnt know doing that would ruin the texture.

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  14. The tip I really like is Overbeating. I tend to do that too much. I really like your blog and will check out some of your recipes. The meatloaf cupcake looks great!Yummy! Great GIveaway! thanks

  15. I am a new follower.

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