Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caramel Chocolate Cake

As promised - here is a highlight from The Lady & Sons Just Desserts Cookbook.

This is the 1,2,3,4 cake (first recipe in the book) with the Caramel Filling (from another cake) and the Chocolate Frosting (from yet another cake). So, I combined 3 luscious desserts into one beautiful baby.


This is one of the easiest and tastiest cakes I've ever made. Honestly, I've never had a cake bake so evenly (and level) before either! I didn't have to level them off before I stacked them - super! The cake was very moist and had the perfect crumb. Delish!

Now, as you can imagine...sometimes these goodies look so good it is hard for me to contain myself long enough to take good pictures to show you all. Well, evidently it is much harder on my 4-year-old daughter than me. *giggle*giggle*


Look at that expression! I couldn't help but turn the focus onto her when I seen her eyeing the cake from across the table.

She kept asking me for a taste, over and over and over again. All I kept saying was, "Hold on, Love. We'll get to eat it in a minute." Poor thing. What torture, yeah?

Waiting. Staring. Drooling.

Four years old and she already knows pain.


Just so you all know, I'm not totally brutal. The child did get a piece of cake after I took pictures. All is well in her world again.

So, have you entered the contest yet? It ends TONIGHT at 5 PM Eastern.



  1. OHMYGOSH!! Just looking at these luscious desserts is making me hungry!! I LOVE to cook, but I am not a fan of baking, even though I took a Professional Baking course. I don't think I have the patience for it. My all time go-to cookbook is the old Betty Crocker Cookbook that I was given as a wedding gift over 30 years ago! I have many cookbooks but that is the one that I go to over and over again. It is well loved and pages are worn and torn, but I do love it!

  2. Oh, and I'm putting your link on my cooking blog, :) AND I'm following your blog :)


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